In 2015 I quit my job at an office and traveled to Asia.  This experience has taught me that there is a world beyond the Monday-to-Friday schedule.  Now I try to pass this experience to others.

I am a professional freediver, freediving instructor and practice mindfulness.  I teach freediving based on the AIDA and SSI standards and hold breathing workshops to help people cope with everyday stress. Currently I am based in deepest diving simulator in Europe, Mszczonów:

Freediving instructor ratings

  • SSI Freediving Instructor Trainer, 2021. Trained and certified by Memo – Mehmet Artikok, Deepspot, Poland
  • Molchanovs Freediving Instructor, 2020. Certified by Joel Shemesh, Dahab, Egypt
  • SSI Freediving Instructor, 2016. Trained and certified by Kwabena Edusei in Amed, Bali
  • AIDA Instructor, August 2015. Trained and certified by Aharon Solomons in Eliat, Israel

Notable freediving achievements

  • World silver medalist in DYN, Individual Indoor World Championships, Ligniano Sabbiadoro, Italy 2011
  • 8 national records in pool disciplines (4 DNF, 2 STA, 2 DYN) and 1 in depth (FIM)

Freediving personal bests

  • DYN: 203m
  • DNF: 155m
  • STA: 6min 3s
  • FIM: -60m


  • February 2014: 1st place in the general category during under-ice freediving competition “Extremall” in Olsztyn, Poland
  • May 2013: Women’s Polish Champion, Individual Indoor Polish Championships, Olsztyn, Poland
  • February 2013: 1st place in women’s category in under-ice freediving “Extremall” in Olsztyn, Poland
  • October 2012: 1st place at Zlin Czech Cup, Luhacovice, Czech Republic
  • November 2011: 3rd place at Rhein Cup, Wiessbaden, German
  • October 2011, June 2013: a member of the national team of Poland Turing Individual Pool World Championships in Italy and Serbia