We all know how to breathe… but there is more to it than just inhaling and exhaling.  Focusing on how you breathe can bring focus, relieve stress, and help you in many ways.  Come, give it a try!


What’s it all about?

Breathing awareness workshops are designed especially for those who work under the pressures of time and stress. These workshops will improve concentration, work effectiveness and when practiced on the regular basis you can notice significant improvements in physical and mental health.

What Breathing Workshops can do for you:

  • fewer disruptions of thought
  • more effective and long-lasting focus
  • emotional calming and focus reinforcement
  • over-anxiety mitigation
  • increase awareness and reactions in certain situations
  • muscular tension and stress relief due to over-exertion and/or too much stress
  • breathing and postural habits to develop better cognition control

What else?

Introduction to simple mindfulness/meditation techniques and it’s practical use in everyday situations.

Dedicated workshops in the companies:


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