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Recently, here in Poland I had a chance to be invited to several schools and a kindergarden to intoduce concept of freediving, ocean protection and preservation of marine life and how to become breath aware and how to work with concentration. I take it as a great privilidge and opportunity  to be able to talk  to these crucial people who will be leaders and creators of the reality of the life on this planet.

when it starts with stories about a mermaid, a fisherman and a golden fish…

they seemed to be into my stories…;-)

a little bunny dreams to be a mermaid!

kids love whale sharks!

high school in Zamość

teenage artists were kind to meet with me to listen to my stories and these ones will create our common future

some practical excercises and fun in sport primary school in Lublin


O spotkaniu z uczniami LOw Zamościu możesz przeczytać też tutaj: Podróż w głąb siebie

If you are interested in this matter, I would be pleased to talk more about that and meet students of your school. Feel free to contact me.

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